Your ultimate guide to creating strong backlinks


Your ultimate guide to creating strong backlinks, the importance, and danger of backlinks

We will talk about one of the most important and challenging SEO strategies:
How to create backlinks.

Well, what are backlinks? And why is it important? What are the basic and successful steps to create backlinks, and we will also talk about the mentality you must have to succeed in this?

let's start.

Your ultimate guide to creating strong backlinks

The importance and danger of backlinks

Well, what are backlinks or backlinks?

Quite simply, backlink building is the presence of a link on other sites that points to a page on your site, and these hyperlinks are called backlinks.

Now through the definition, the result seems logical and simple, but the part that is not properly known and is ignorant of some brothers, if not many - is:

Backlink creation process:

 Some send e-mails to people they know nothing about and ask them to link to their sites! This seems a bit strange!

Here are the three most critical short possibilities to make the picture more clear to you, and then we reconsider the definition of creating links.

First possibility:

Let's say you have a blog that talks about e-marketing and articles on SEO.

Suddenly, I got an email from someone (you don't know) let's call him Muhammad, and his message was: "Hello, I'm Muhammad, can you put a link on your site pointing to my article in which I talked about ads via social media? It's a great article."

Can you link to him? In most cases, you will ignore his message and you may not click on the link to his article, Jana, to be sure of the correctness of his words!.

Second possibility:

Suppose you follow some of the lessons and tips through this blog, and you follow some of these strategies that I publish about e-marketing, blogging or the basics of search engine optimization, and then you get excellent results for your website.

Well now, you will receive an e-mail notification, you will receive a message from me, and since you have subscribed to my blog and follow it, you will often remember the picture and name, and within this message, I offer you the link to my blog, will you link? There is a good chance that you will reply to the message and link because you know and trust my blog, right?

The third and final possibility:

Suppose your friend helped you at the beginning of the field of e-marketing, he sent you an email and asked you to put a link to a page from his site on a similar page on your site, will you reply and put the link? Certainly, you will, because he has already provided you with assistance and it is obvious that you trust and respect him a lot and will implement his request.
From all these three possibilities, we conclude that creating backlinks is building communicative relationships, so it can take a long time.

Well let's reconsider the definition and creation of backlinks

Building backlinks is the process of creating communicative relationships with the administrators and owners of other websites
 Relevant to your content and who may benefit from linking to your content and therefore most likely will link.

From this definition, it becomes clear to us that it is not just about getting something,

  • Rather, it also includes relationships, communication, importance and mutual service provision between the two parties, and we will talk about these things in detail in another article.
  • Well, so here we have briefly talked about the main ways to get backlinks, but is this the only way to build links?!.

Of course, there are other ways and tricks:

There are three main strategies for building good backlinks:

Simply put, the strategies are:

  1. inception
  2. buy it
  3. earned it

We will now talk about each strategy individually and determine the level of difficulty of each one and its effectiveness.


The first method is to create backlinks.

In short, you can do this by adding your website URL to the profile of your social media pages, in the comments of groups specializing in an area related to your content, adding your website to directories, or writing comments on other blog posts Including your own website address.

Since it is very easy and the easiest things are often ineffective, search engines also consider this method ineffective.

Method 2: Buy backlinks

Is to pay the owners or webmasters, in return for placing a link to a page from your site on their site.

One of the downsides to this method is that it is against Google's webmaster policies, which results in your site being ranked lower in the rankings or sometimes your pages are removed from Google's search index.

Also, buying links is very expensive, as the average price is about $300 (depending on the authority and the strength of the site).

If you have the money for it, this method may seem appropriate and easy to you because it is just a process of buying and selling, but in terms of effectiveness, it is very effective unless you are detected and punished by search engines! And if you intend to build a successful website and be a stable source of income in the future or a business, I do not advise you in this way, this method is somewhat of an adventure and risk.

The third way to get backlinks is to earn them

And to earn backlinks for free, there are three common ways:

  • The first and most prevalent method is through e-mail communication.
  • This means sending a link request to the moderators or owners of a website via e-mail.
  • The second method is to make your website a source for online publication or as a media.
  • The third way is to earn backlinks organically (for free).

For example, you have published the link to your article on a social media platform, in organic search, or

 In another place, and then someone visited it and decided to link to your page, this is an acquired link for you.

Often these types of links are less effective, especially if they are from a not famous brand with bad content and this will not enable you to get a large number of viewers. This will take you a very long time in order to build a reputation on the Internet that everyone who visited your site trusts.

What is the importance of backlinks?

Well, now that creating backlinks and building links is a rather difficult process, we need to understand why this process is so worth the effort.

In 1998, Google created a PageRank system called PageRank.


It is a mathematical formula that judges the "value of pages" by looking at the quantity and quality of other pages you link to. As a result, backlinks help search engines like Google rank and rank pages on search engines and results.

Via Google's "How to Search" page, under the heading "Helpful Pages Rank," they say frankly:

"If there are other prominent websites on the topic that links to the page, this is a good sign that the information is of very high quality."

The more difficult it is to get the backlink, the more valuable and effective it is.


All you have to know is that not all links are equal,

 There are some that will help your site to top the rankings, while others may harm your site.

 So in the next article, we will talk about the value of backlinks and what makes them good and powerful?

Then we will focus on the most important tactics and small details through which you will be able to build and create

And a constant stream of backlinks to your website and get the first positions in search results

Thus you will get hits.