Top 5 ways to create exclusive content

5 Methods for Content Creation

Top 5 ways to create exclusive content

In all communication software, there are private relations, public relations, stories, and content, there will likely be a point where team members are all stuck creatively.

 They feel that they have made all the exclusive ideas. This is the right opportunity to think outside the box and create content.
For those currently in the position of a content creator, there are a few different methods we use to create and deliver great content.

Brainstorming team. One of the simplest ways to create content is through group thinking

 1- break the brainstorming into sections to help guide the content

such as providing earned, free, and paid media opportunities. There are no bad ideas because any idea that helps launch new content can lead you to bigger and better ideas.
This group's creative thinking allows for new ideas and everyone on the team can share their opinion about the different ways they think.

 Also, taking outside voices from various other teams can help give a new idea of ​​the situation.
 Having an outside opinion can help the team come up with innovative and exclusive ideas that didn't exist before.

2-google trends.

 Analytics, data, tools, and numbers are great for figuring out what the consumer likes and dislikes. Using some tools

 Like Google Trends, Sysomos, and some paid programs as well, we can see what consumers are currently searching for, and what they think of a brand, and you can also understand your competition. With this data, we can also create targeted content based on the clear results from these tools.

 For example, the Olympics was a huge event that took place during the past weeks and was a real target for consumers. If the brand manufactures food, we can create content based on the style of Korean food, which is very popular in Korean culture.

 Having this data is a great idea to get into consumers' minds and create content that they are interested in.

3-Focus on seasons and events in the right way and at the most appropriate time

 It is important to note the seasonal times of some events when creating content. There are certain times of the year when a lot of people are interested in a particular topic, whether it's an event on the news or a holiday.

 The holiday season is also a great time for that, as it focuses on the news cycle no matter what industry or product the company is in.

 There are also times of time when we can find and take advantage of different seasonal events as well.

For example, March according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is National Nutrition Month. If a brand is in the food, health, or nutrition specialty, now is the chance to create content that talks about healthy eating, nutritional awareness, and some healthy and useful tips.

 The target audience will be aware of this month and will want to see content dedicated to it.

4-Renew old content.

 It's okay to review old content that has been used before and learn how to apply it again.
 Sometimes, if the campaign is successful and the content is worth renewing, share it on social media and with consumers again.
 Sometimes a campaign isn't successful enough, so this is a chance to see why it didn't and make the important adjustments this time.

5-Ask your audience on social media and media platforms

  • . Sometimes the best way to create new content is to simply ask your followers or audience what they are interested in.

  •  The reporters are the ones you'll be sharing the content with at the end, so it's best to get their perspective on the type of content they'd like.

  •  Longtime reporters are great contacts to reach out to and learn about the content they are working on in order to solve future issues.

  • If a reporter shares that they are writing content about barbecue, you can take it and share that information with your team and work on it.

 Reaching out to the content your followers desire not only builds rapport but gives you a really powerful insight into the type of content that will get the brand covered.
Our job is to create content that will resonate with our followers and consumers.

 These five methods can help you set up and create content individually, but it's important to use them together. Gathering data, analytics, numbers, and brainstorming can lead to a great deal of productivity and recognition for the brands we work with.